The drug was hidden in the double bottom of a sports vessel.

Some 267 kilograms of marijuana were found inside a sports vessel that was being transported on a trailer carried by a pick-up truck in a place known as Paraje Yahapé, in the town of Ita Ibaté, province of Corrientes, Prefectura Naval Argentina reported.

As a result of the procedure, framed within the North Shield Operation devised by the National Ministry of Security, members of Prefectura arrested the driver of the pick-up truck.

According to sources, thanks to prior investigation tasks, members of the organization learnt that narcotics were about to be transported through Paraje Yahapé.

To that end, a discreet surveillance operation was deployed in the exit roads from Paraje Yahapé and a vehicle control procedure was begun in the access road to such place.

Later, a pick-up truck, which was carrying a sports vessel on a trailer, arrived at the control point. The sports vessel looked as if it had been recently modified.

Next, its driver was identified and, after conducting a thorough search of the vessel, several pressed and wrapped packages containing 294 bricks of narcotics were found under the motor boat’s main deck.
The narcotest yielded positive result for cannabis sativa variety, amounting to 267.765 kilograms of marijuana.

The case came before the Federal First Instance Court of Corrientes, under Carlos Soto Dávila, who ordered the arrest of the involved person, the seizure of the drug, the vehicle, the trailer and the motor boat.

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