Beechcraft King Air 350Ier, in its maritime patrol aircraft version, is a twin-engine turboprop low-wing aircraft. It has reinforced retractable gear, pressurized cabin and has been specially designed to conduct maritime surveillance, pollution control and search and rescue tasks.

It is equipped with a state-of-the-art Collins PROLINE 21 avionics system, which simplifies the flying operation and, at the same time, enhances flight safety.

It has two bubble windows on both sides of the fuselage, which provide unparalleled outward visibility, a flare dispenser system and life rafts.

• Height: 4,37 m

• Length: 14,22 m

• Wingspan: 17,65 m

• Maximum take-off weight: 7,484 kg.

• Power plants: two (2) “PRATT & WHITNEY” PT6A-60A SHP 1050 turboprops and two (2) “HARTZELL” 4 variable-pitch-blade shafts

• Crew: four (4). Pilot, Copilot, Mission operator and Flight mechanic

• Autonomy:

- Minimum: 5 hs. (Typical Cruise Speed flying at 10,000 ft. altitude)

- Maximum: 9 hs. (Long Range Cruise Speed flying at 20,000 ft. Altitude)

• Operating Speed: 250 kt.

• Maximum Operating Ceiling: 35,000 ft.

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