Shipment of Smuggled Goods Seized in Misiones Province

Prefectura Naval Argentina has intensified its efforts to strengthen border security and to fight against complex crimes such as drug trafficking and smuggling. It is in this context that a shipment of smuggled goods worth over ARS 360,000 was seized in the city of Puerto Iguazú, in Misiones province.

The operation was conducted within the framework of the program known as Operativo Conjunto Abierto de Frontera, launched by the National Ministry of Security to join the efforts of federal and provincial security forces.

The personnel discovered 3,500 pairs of sunglasses, 380 stainless steel thermos containers and 220 pants inside 26 packages wrapped in packing tape, which were found in a path near an area known as Paraje Ferreyra.

The goods worth ARS 363,750 were taken to the Federal Administration of Public Revenue as ordered by the Federal Court in Eldorado, presided over by Judge Miguel Angel Guerrero, Clerk’s Office headed by Ricardo Gómez, Esq.

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