Operation Lone Wolf: Over 93 Kilos of Marijuana Seized and Man Arrested in Misiones Province

We continue to seize illegal drugs smuggled across the border.

Prefectura Naval Argentina seized a shipment of over 93 kilos of marijuana and arrested a man in the city of Puerto Maní, in Misiones province, in accordance with the guidelines set out by the National Ministry of Security led by Patricia Bullrich.

“This seizure of drugs was made possible thanks to control activities performed by the federal security forces, which many times patrol inhospitable places,” stated Minister Bullrich. “We will continue to work every day for an Argentina without drug trafficking,” she added.

The personnel constantly patrol hotspots along the border to prevent crime. It is in this context that they spotted a man carrying four bags down an unpaved road next to the Paraná River (km 1663). He was a lone wolf, a person who moves drugs for a drug trafficking organization.

In the belief that a crime was being committed, the members of the security force led by Admiral Eduardo Scarzello immediately intercepted the suspect and inspected the bags, which contained 93,800 kilos of marijuana.

The case was brought to the Federal Court in Oberá, presided over by Judge José Luis Casals, who ordered that the Paraguayan citizen be arrested and held incommunicado. He also decided that the drug be seized.

This operation was carried out within the framework of the program known as Operativo Conjunto Abierto de Frontera (OCAF), launched by the National Ministry of Security and coordinated by Border Affairs Secretary Luis Green to join the efforts of the Misiones Province Police, the Argentine Federal Police, Prefectura Naval Argentina, the National Border Patrol and the Airport Security Police.

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